Down by the Seaside

This was one of those that I had absolutely zero leads to start with. I met with her parents after she skipped court and they had no idea as to where she was and I believed them. So I do some digging and find out she has a cousin on house arrest down in the Treasure Island beach area.

So I go down there and start asking around and find out that she is somewhere in the area. For those of you not familiar with fisherman and fishing docks its definetly a rough and dangerous area. Fisherman do not like law enforcement of any kind. I recieved numerous death threats and once had three fisherman surround me.

I knew she liked drinking so I began spending the days at the local bars some of which were gay bars..ugghhh. So basically I just bar hop 12 hours a day for about 5 days and then finally I spot her  drunk as a skunk at one of the bars. I grab her, cuff her up and take her to my car. Upon searching her, I found one of the wanted flyers I had been passing out in her back pocket. I kept it as a memento.

On a side note, as much fun as bar hopping for 12 hours a day seems, I could only drink half a beer every half hour – which wasn’t very fun. Total bond recovered was $7,500.



When the Levee Breaks


This one is straight from the twilight zone. After I find out he skipped court on me I went out to his house and set up. After a bit I spot him and call the local police to assist. They come out and inform me his house comes back as a “hot house”. That means there are numerous guns in the house.

So we knock and he comes out. He claims he missed court due to contagious worms under his skin and around his eyeballs!! He begins showing me weird cuts and nasty patches of dried blood and ooze. It was so nasty. Anyway, he said he could feel them crawling around his eyes and under his skin. He said if we touch him we will contract them. I’ve heard alot of excuses for skipping court but this one definetly takes the cake!!  I tell him he’s full of it and maybe a little crazy and I cuff him up.

On a side note.. I never contracted weird contagious worms that crawl around your eyeballs!!!! Total bond recovered was $5,500.



Achilles Last Stand


Ok this was offically the most diffulcult fugitive I’ve ever chased. This arrest occured on 04/27/08. I bonded the guy on a 6 count sale/possession of cocaine and marijuana. With his previous convictions of possession charges/firearm and resisting arrest with violence he was allegedly facing 40 months in the state prison.

So he runs and is very diffulcult to find in the neighborhoods I had to locate him in. Crackers like me cannot get in these hoods undetected. At one point I spotted him and chased him. As I attempted to jump an 8ft wall I dislocated my shoulder and he got away. Previous to this incident I raided about 5 other homes.

Finally I got an address for him through some expert bountyhunting tricks. So we surround the house, complete with K-9 and I knock. The female inside REFUSES to open the door. I proceed on kicking in the door. It’s heavily fortified. I then go to a window and begin pounding.. At that time I shatter the window. The suspect took a quick chance to run, then spotted the K-9 and realized this time there was no way out.

With children inside, windows being broken,doors being kicked in.. He finally opens the front door and surrenders. Total bond recovered was $15,750.



Candy Store Rock


This capture was more diffulcult than others. I really had no leads for the most part. This girl allegedly had a drug problem and pretty much left her child with family members. So I go to her last known area and start asking around. Later on that night I go into a REAL rough biker bar. Lets just say I wasnt… good thing I know how to handle myself.

Anyway, after pissing some local patrons off I finally get a solid lead. I set up on the mobile home and notice some activity inside. I call local police and we knock on the door. The owner answers and says she’s not inside. If your not able to tell when someone is lying to you, your not going to be able to be a good bountyhunter at ALL!!

I was able to tell he was lying and insisted on searching his home. He’s not going along with that idea to well and the police get a little rough with him and remove him from the mobile home. After a quick search, I find the defendant inside and she’s cuffed and stuffed. It took me a whole 2 days to find her when I started with no leads… man I’m good.



In The Evening


This one here skipped bond and left his mother out to dry. She claimed she had no idea where he was and I believed her. The only thing we knew was that he was somewhere in south St. Petersburg living at a motel.

So I go down to the local ones I’m familiar with and pass out his picture. Later on that night I received a call saying the fugitive just checked in. So I go down and knock on the door and he answers. He’s cuffed, stuffed and transported back to jail.

Leaving your elderly mother hang out to dry like that… disgusting. Total bond recovered was $45,000.



Misty Mountain Hop


Not sure exactly why this guy ran but he never ended up in prison. He recieved 6 months in the county jail.

Anyway he decided to move to South Carolina. So I execute my superior bountyhunting skills and get an address for him. Another agent and I drive the 8 hours to get there and once there we get out and start walking around. We walk past his mobile home several times then I finally see him sitting inside. I barge on in and he’s quickly arrested and taken out. There were 4 kids inside freaking out. I managed to calm everyone down and we transported him back to Florida that same night. Total hunt went for about 20 straight hours… exhausting. Total bond recovered was $10,026



Extraditing a Fugitive who shot someone from a Family Reunion in Texas


This guy here while out on a $10,000 bond shot someone twice in the back, twice in the head and once in the arm. The victim managed to somehow survive. SWAT had raided his home 3 times and detectives could not locate him.

I managed to pull some sources and discovered there was a family reunion going down in Irving, Texas. So with the help of local authorities the suspect was arrested at the family reunion with a name tag on and all!!

He was extradited to Florida and later convicted of attempted 1st degree murder and sentenced to a mandatory 20 years.


Apprehension an Extremely Drunk Fugitive and the Airplane Ride From Hell

Well I’m finally back from my day of hell.  I recieved notice at 2 p.m. that I would be flying out to Kansas City, MO at 6 p.m.  So I finally get to freezin ass cold Missouri and find my way to the hotel where the fugitive supposedly was staying.  About 2:30 a.m., I called local police to assist.


While we were all standing in the lobby, a taxi pulls up outside and the fugitive steps out.  He was quickly arrested and EXTREMELY DRUNK!  He argued and cussed at the police to the point where he was almost arrested by them.

Somehow I ended up getting us to the airport and check in with airport police.  The fugitive then lit a cigarette INSIDE the terminals and was quickly slammed against the wall by police.  He was then arrested by airport police.  I pleaded my case and they released him to me and boarded us on the plane.  The idiot made numerous outbursts on the plane and just about got choked out!!

Finally the plane landed in Tampa and he was taken to the Citrus County jail and booked.  Total bond recoverd was $10,000.