BHFH New Capture Video

Here’s a homemade one for you. This was the 3rd time I had revoked this girls bond. It’s the sequel to the previous “old man revokes stripper’s bond” video (located in BHFH capture videos). I didn’t end up actually revoking her bond once again. The co-signer had changed his mind. Which is fine. I was 100% sure if this girl did skip court that the co-signer would pay the $5,000 bond. Some co-signers you know will never pay you. So I let the decision up to him, that way it keeps him happy and my client happy. Also if he did decide to revoke it, I would not look like the bad guy to our client, the co-signer would. You don’t want a bunch of pissed off inmates talking bad about your business inside the jailhouse. Trust me. Anyways this is a lighter version of arresting someone. She posed no threat and was obviously not going to fight or run or pull a weapon. So enjoy.


Arresting in bad neighborhoods

About the 3:00 minute mark you can see where this guy is in BIG trouble. You definetly have to watch the area’s your going into. Remember your fugitive might be friends with everyone on the block. This officer should of never went into the car. When the guy refused to give his name that’s an immediate red flag of someone with a warrant. The officer should of stood by and called backup immediately. This whole situation would of been avoided once more backup arrived.

I once served a warrant and created almost this same situation. The whole neighborhood starting pushing cops and throwing bricks at the police cruisers. Next thing I know there are 20 police cars and we scooped my guy and like a funeral procession we all left bumper to bumper. The cruiser in front of me got hit by a huge brick on the way out. I watched the kid throw it and run. Glad he didnt pick my truck instead. A major rule of bounty hunting…get your fugitive and get the hell outta there


Capturing fugitive’s

Just to give you more of an idea of how hard it is to be a good Bounty Hunter I posted this video. You’ll hear the Marshall saying she’s worked this case for a week around the clock and that they also have undercover agent’s staking out a house 24/7. They are also using official police programs to get their info where you most likely won’t have access to that(unless you have friends on the inside). They also have the luxury of multiple units following car’s if they need. They were able to pull the vehicle’s over. You will have no help even close to this…so good luck. You’ll notice the way they did catch them is they got a tip from a family member. One who was probably scorned. There’s usually always someone your fugitive knows who is pissed enough to rat them out just to see them go to jail.


BHFH VIDEO: Twin Sister Hooker Arrest Video

About a week ago I posted I was hunting a fugitive with a twin sister. They both had warrants for their arrest. The one I was looking for is an alleged prostitute. So I went out to the bad area’s combing the streets for her. Me and my cameraman pull up to a not so alleged hooker and show her a picture of my fugitive. She say’s “Oh that’s Brittany, I just saw her walk up the street 10 mins ago”. The girl gave me a detailed description of what she’s wearing. Almost as if she wanted her competiton off the streets. So the camerman and I begin cruising all the side streets looking for her with no luck. We decide to park and walk around. As were standing there talking, my camerman says there’s a girl matching the description standing behind a tree about 30 yds from us. The video picks up from here so enjoy

A quick backround on the girl. Her previous co signer had revoked her bond out of spite a few weeks prior to this video. I felt bad for her and decided to let her go and of course she promised she’d go to court. I tried to be a nice guy and give her a chance and she still skipped. As I walked up and asked for her name she of course said “Ashley” which is her twin sister. However my fugitive has her name tattooed across her right wrist. Also I used leg shackles to cuff her because last time she had a spider bite so bad her arm was swelled about 10 times it’s size. I could not get cuff’s on her last time.


Wilson County Fugitive Costs Bond Companies Big Money

Wilson County Fugitive Costs Bond Companies Big Money - | Nashville News, Weather & Sports

Wilson County Fugitive Costs Bond Companies Big Money – | Nashville News, Weather & Sports“We’ve had bounty hunters look. We’ve looked in Tennessee, he’s been looked for in Alaska, other states. They’ve not found him,” Robinson said.

Marshall’s Hunt Murder Suspect part 2

What I especially like about this video is when they identify the car driving around as the fugitive’s friends car the 2 Marshall’s have vastly different opinions on what to do. The one Marshall wants to take the car down and try to keep the fugitive pinned down until they locate him. The other Marshall KNOWS that the fugitive IS going to get in that car soon. While I think both idea’s would work I definetly would keep eyes on the car and wait. You know for a fact that your guy is getting in that car. They have numerous police vehicles around and the streets blocked off. Sitting on the car is definetly the right choice. As you see. Sometimes you just have to have patience and relax and wait.


Marshall’s Hunt Murder Suspect part 1

Im only posting 2 parts of this 5 part episode. I like how the Marshall has the fugitive’s roommate call the guy’s cell phone and the Marshall hears the dog’s barking on the phone. The same dog’s that are out back. This guy is very good. They know he’s hiding somewhere close by trying to figure out how to escape. At the end the Marshall also notice’s a car circling driving very slowly. Another great observation.


Bounty Hunter / Fugitive Recovery & Bail Agent Advertising

To the LICENSED Bounty Hunter’s out there. If you go to our forum located on the main page you will see a Bail Bond Network with listings of Bonding Companies throughout the country. We are in the process of adding Bounty Hunter listings too. If you would like to list your contact info for FREE contact us. We do need to verify your licensed so you will have a day or two wait before the listing posts. These are going to be limited because we don’t want to list dozen’s of bounty hunter’s per state. We are limiting to about 3 per state. So jump on it because we are filling up.