Fugitive Recovery Agent Brian Ramos teams up with Paramount Investigative Services

Fugitive Recovery Agent Brian Ramos teams up with Paramount Investigative Services - SFGate

Fugitive Recovery Agent Brian Ramos teams up with Paramount Investigative Services – SFGatehttp://www.sfgate.com/business/prweb/article/Fugitive-Recovery-Agent-Brian-Ramos-teams-up-with-4126792.phpParamount Investigative Services, the top rated Los Angeles private investigator, has just announced that they have joined hands with eminent fugitive recovery experts Ramos Fugitive Recovery. Paramount Investigative Services is owned by well known private investigator Ken Childs and has been offering a wide spectrum of investigative services covering insurance related claims, cheating spouse investigations, cohabitation investigations, child custody investigations, and much more. The combined force of Paramount Investigative Services and Ramos Fugitive Recovery will make it possible to remove fugitives from the general populace safely and delivering them to proper prosecution in a court of law. While announcing the new business tie-up of the companies, the owner of Paramount Investigative Services Ken Childs said, The combined force of the two firms gives our clients over 20 years of skip tracing, locating and surveillance experience, this certainly is an experience you can trust. Paramount Investigative Services is a Los Angeles based team of private investigators known for investigating insurance claims for insurance companies, corporations and law firms.

Proper way to clear a house

For you bounty hunters I would highly suggest learning how to clear houses correctly. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to clear house’s with the Police Dept. Not only will it keep you safe but will get you more respect from the Police. If you know your fugitive is inside hiding, there is a good chance he has a weapon. So get out there and practice…


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