Auburndale Man Held in Jail on Charges of Attempted Murder of Two Bail Bondsmen

Auburndale Man Held in Jail on Charges of Attempted Murder of Two Bail Bondsmen |

Auburndale Man Held in Jail on Charges of Attempted Murder of Two Bail Bondsmen | TheLedger.com | A judge denied bail Tuesday for a 30-year-old Auburndale man accused of trying to shoot at two bail bondsmen earlier this month.

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81 year old man gets 3 years for allowing his pit bull to maul a bail bond agency’s cat

An 81 year old man who allowed his dog to maul a cat and was caught on video, was sentenced to three years in prison today.

Hume Hamilton was found guilty of animal cruelty charges and trespassing back in October  The incident happened back in June when Hamilton was walking his pit bull when it attacked a cat belonging to Coral Springs resident Tia Spath.

Spath, who lives in Ridgeview, was shocked to find out that their cat named “Mama” had been killed at her family business, Brandy Bail Bonds, in Fort Lauderdale.   She says that Mama had been their pet for almost 12 years and was a fixture at the business.

“Mama” who was tragically killed

In the shocking surveillance video, the owner of a pitbull is seen walking on the property of Brandy Bail Bonds while following his dog’s lead to get closer to the cat,  when the pitbull viciously attacks.  The dog’s strong jaws grab the cat and the owner cannot get him to release.   The man even tries to pull the cat out of the dog’s mouth, even stepping on the cat’s stomach. He finally he pulls the dog away, runs away, and  leaves the cat for dead.

Mama later died of her injuries and is buried at the business.

The Court ordered that Hamilton can not own a pet after he serves his sentence.