Chicago: We lock up poorest, not most dangerous

We lock up poorest, not most dangerous | Chicago Cook County, and throughout Illinois, if you are charged with a crime, your release from jail depends on the wallet’s thickness. Nearly 80 percent of all criminal defendants were held in jail after their first court appearance in 2011, according to data from Loyola University.  The majority of those defendants, charged with non-violent or …

New program aimed at helping people in jail who cannot afford bail bonds

In Chicago’s Cook County Jail, non-violent offenders who are serving time simply because they cannot afford to pay for their bail will now have an opportunity to petition for release.

A report showed that over 5,000 low-income residents of Chicago are stuck waiting in jail for hearings just because they can’t afford their bond.

The idea is to free up prison space and operating costs by providing these detainees another opportunity to be released.