Michiana Bounty Hunters – Part 1: Fugitive Recovery AgentsMichiana Bounty Hunters – Part 1: Fugitive Recovery Agents

Michiana Bounty Hunters - Part 1: Fugitive Recovery Agents

Michiana Bounty Hunters – Part 1: Fugitive Recovery Agentshttp://www.wndu.com/home/headlines/Michiana-Bounty-Hunters—Part-1–283102741.htmlNot only is bounty hunting legal in many parts of Michiana, local fugitive recovery agents play an integral part in the local justice system. See what happened when NewsCenter 16 went

Bounty Hunting in video games – EVE Evolved: Bounty hunting and revenge

by Brendan Drain  on Oct 14th 2012 6:00PM

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Last week I looked into the major PvP changes coming in EVE Online‘s upcoming Retribution expansion, from the piracy revamp to a new global flagging system that puts players in the driving seat of justice. This week CCP Games revealed full details of the upcoming bounty hunting system revamp, and I have to say I’m really excited. The new bounty system not only makes bounty hunting a viable profession again but also gives players a way to deal significant financial damage to their enemies without getting their hands dirty.


Arresting in bad neighborhoods

About the 3:00 minute mark you can see where this guy is in BIG trouble. You definetly have to watch the area’s your going into. Remember your fugitive might be friends with everyone on the block. This officer should of never went into the car. When the guy refused to give his name that’s an immediate red flag of someone with a warrant. The officer should of stood by and called backup immediately. This whole situation would of been avoided once more backup arrived.

I once served a warrant and created almost this same situation. The whole neighborhood starting pushing cops and throwing bricks at the police cruisers. Next thing I know there are 20 police cars and we scooped my guy and like a funeral procession we all left bumper to bumper. The cruiser in front of me got hit by a huge brick on the way out. I watched the kid throw it and run. Glad he didnt pick my truck instead. A major rule of bounty hunting…get your fugitive and get the hell outta there


Capturing fugitive’s

Just to give you more of an idea of how hard it is to be a good Bounty Hunter I posted this video. You’ll hear the Marshall saying she’s worked this case for a week around the clock and that they also have undercover agent’s staking out a house 24/7. They are also using official police programs to get their info where you most likely won’t have access to that(unless you have friends on the inside). They also have the luxury of multiple units following car’s if they need. They were able to pull the vehicle’s over. You will have no help even close to this…so good luck. You’ll notice the way they did catch them is they got a tip from a family member. One who was probably scorned. There’s usually always someone your fugitive knows who is pissed enough to rat them out just to see them go to jail.