BHFH New Capture Video

Here’s a homemade one for you. This was the 3rd time I had revoked this girls bond. It’s the sequel to the previous “old man revokes stripper’s bond” video (located in BHFH capture videos). I didn’t end up actually revoking her bond once again. The co-signer had changed his mind. Which is fine. I was 100% sure if this girl did skip court that the co-signer would pay the $5,000 bond. Some co-signers you know will never pay you. So I let the decision up to him, that way it keeps him happy and my client happy. Also if he did decide to revoke it, I would not look like the bad guy to our client, the co-signer would. You don’t want a bunch of pissed off inmates talking bad about your business inside the jailhouse. Trust me. Anyways this is a lighter version of arresting someone. She posed no threat and was obviously not going to fight or run or pull a weapon. So enjoy.


A Bond Revocation Story – Part 3 – The Third Time is a Charm for this Fugitive

Well this is the 3rd time the co-signers of this girls bond wanted to revoke it.

The ONLY reason in my mind that you revoke a bond is because your worried the person is going to skip court.

Domestic stuff, them owing you money or etc. is not a reason to take someones freedom.

So I told these people I am not revoking the bond on a girl who’s not a flight risk the day before Thanksgiving. Of course they flipped out and threatened to call the police. The police would of probably laughed at them. But to just avoid all the hassle I did something I never do or would suggest anyone to do.

I decided to take them off the bond and have NO co-signer on a $11,300 trafficking bond. She’s not going anywhere and even if she misses court, she won’t be hard to find.



A Bond Revocation Story – Part 2 – Apprehension of a Fugitive at a Daycare Facility

So after I had bonded this girl back out, the co-signers called and wanted to revoke the bond once again.

I go out to the daycare center where she picks her boy up from and park across the street. About an hour passes and she pulls up very quickly and jumps out the car and into the daycare way before I can get her. My hope was to get her before she walked in a building full of children. So I put my badge away and walk in. I was greeted by lots of munchkins. I walk to the back and the girl has her back towards me and her child in her hand.

I walk up and tap her on the shoulder and she turns around and doesn’t look happy. I have the little man go with the daycare lady and walk the defendant out to my truck uncuffed. She gives no problems this time.

Not wanting to take her back to jail I figure out a way to let her go. Whats ironic is as of TODAY, I just got another call and they want to revoke her bond for the 3rd time!!!!! So stay tuned for part 3.


A Bond Revocation Story – Part 1 – How not to act as a parent in front of your children

Ok this one here is a good lesson on why not to go by yourself on an arrest.

This was a bond revocation on a young lady. I figured I wouldn’t have any issues seeing how it is a girl and all. So I go up to the girls house and knock on the door. She comes and answers and I explain to her who I am and what’s going on. Next thing I know she tries to shut the door on me. I stick my foot in the door and push it open. I grab her and then realize her 3 year old is sitting on the floor.

So she starts going crazy and hitting, kicking and biting me. I’m trying my hardest not to hurt her in front of her child. So then he starts to cry because his mom is screaming and yelling. I manage to grab his shirt and slide him across the hardwood floors and gently into the bedroom and I shut the door. I then “take the girl out” haha. I finally get her cuffed and take her out to my truck kicking and screaming. I then call the grandparents and they came and got the little guy.

I did end up bonding the girl back out 2 days later. Then funny enough, I had to arrest her again 3 weeks later which I will tell you about in part 2 of this story which will be posted tomorrow. Total bond recovered was $11,300. No pic is available