BHFH VIDEO: Twin Sister Hooker Arrest Video

About a week ago I posted I was hunting a fugitive with a twin sister. They both had warrants for their arrest. The one I was looking for is an alleged prostitute. So I went out to the bad area’s combing the streets for her. Me and my cameraman pull up to a not so alleged hooker and show her a picture of my fugitive. She say’s “Oh that’s Brittany, I just saw her walk up the street 10 mins ago”. The girl gave me a detailed description of what she’s wearing. Almost as if she wanted her competiton off the streets. So the camerman and I begin cruising all the side streets looking for her with no luck. We decide to park and walk around. As were standing there talking, my camerman says there’s a girl matching the description standing behind a tree about 30 yds from us. The video picks up from here so enjoy

A quick backround on the girl. Her previous co signer had revoked her bond out of spite a few weeks prior to this video. I felt bad for her and decided to let her go and of course she promised she’d go to court. I tried to be a nice guy and give her a chance and she still skipped. As I walked up and asked for her name she of course said “Ashley” which is her twin sister. However my fugitive has her name tattooed across her right wrist. Also I used leg shackles to cuff her because last time she had a spider bite so bad her arm was swelled about 10 times it’s size. I could not get cuff’s on her last time.