Achilles Last Stand


Ok this was offically the most diffulcult fugitive I’ve ever chased. This arrest occured on 04/27/08. I bonded the guy on a 6 count sale/possession of cocaine and marijuana. With his previous convictions of possession charges/firearm and resisting arrest with violence he was allegedly facing 40 months in the state prison.

So he runs and is very diffulcult to find in the neighborhoods I had to locate him in. Crackers like me cannot get in these hoods undetected. At one point I spotted him and chased him. As I attempted to jump an 8ft wall I dislocated my shoulder and he got away. Previous to this incident I raided about 5 other homes.

Finally I got an address for him through some expert bountyhunting tricks. So we surround the house, complete with K-9 and I knock. The female inside REFUSES to open the door. I proceed on kicking in the door. It’s heavily fortified. I then go to a window and begin pounding.. At that time I shatter the window. The suspect took a quick chance to run, then spotted the K-9 and realized this time there was no way out.

With children inside, windows being broken,doors being kicked in.. He finally opens the front door and surrenders. Total bond recovered was $15,750.



Candy Store Rock


This capture was more diffulcult than others. I really had no leads for the most part. This girl allegedly had a drug problem and pretty much left her child with family members. So I go to her last known area and start asking around. Later on that night I go into a REAL rough biker bar. Lets just say I wasnt… good thing I know how to handle myself.

Anyway, after pissing some local patrons off I finally get a solid lead. I set up on the mobile home and notice some activity inside. I call local police and we knock on the door. The owner answers and says she’s not inside. If your not able to tell when someone is lying to you, your not going to be able to be a good bountyhunter at ALL!!

I was able to tell he was lying and insisted on searching his home. He’s not going along with that idea to well and the police get a little rough with him and remove him from the mobile home. After a quick search, I find the defendant inside and she’s cuffed and stuffed. It took me a whole 2 days to find her when I started with no leads… man I’m good.



In The Evening


This one here skipped bond and left his mother out to dry. She claimed she had no idea where he was and I believed her. The only thing we knew was that he was somewhere in south St. Petersburg living at a motel.

So I go down to the local ones I’m familiar with and pass out his picture. Later on that night I received a call saying the fugitive just checked in. So I go down and knock on the door and he answers. He’s cuffed, stuffed and transported back to jail.

Leaving your elderly mother hang out to dry like that… disgusting. Total bond recovered was $45,000.



Misty Mountain Hop


Not sure exactly why this guy ran but he never ended up in prison. He recieved 6 months in the county jail.

Anyway he decided to move to South Carolina. So I execute my superior bountyhunting skills and get an address for him. Another agent and I drive the 8 hours to get there and once there we get out and start walking around. We walk past his mobile home several times then I finally see him sitting inside. I barge on in and he’s quickly arrested and taken out. There were 4 kids inside freaking out. I managed to calm everyone down and we transported him back to Florida that same night. Total hunt went for about 20 straight hours… exhausting. Total bond recovered was $10,026



Over the Hills and Far Away


This capture occured on 04/19/08. Apparently the fugitive was facing 15 years for everything from drug trafficking/aggravated battery/several possession charges. So of course he runs and decides to hide in Columbia, S.C.

I put my superior bountyhunting skills together and get an address for where he’s at. I call local police and they refuse to help at all! They have 2 armed bountyhunters ready to bust a door down to capture a violent drug trafficker with active warrants totaling over $550,000 and they don’t even want to stick around to see what happens?!! They actually get in their cruisers and leave the area!! So with multiple entrances to cover I had to call one other local bountyhunter to assist.

So I knock on the door and yell “maintenance.” LOL.. I swear that works EVERY time. The fugitive answered the door and was quickly taken down and arrested. He was then transported back to Florida and is currently in the county jail. Total bond recovered was $26,500.



The Ocean


The unpredictable situations you get put in sometime are crazy. This is a classic example of a bad situation you cannot prepare for.

I had a lead that this guy was working as a waiter on a dinner boat here in Clearwater. So I go to the boat and TRY to talk to the guy at the door. Unfortunately, he can’t speak English. He just kinda shakes his head and points.

So I go onto the boat and into the dinner area. There’s approximately 100 people having a wedding reception. I spot the fugitive and grab him and cuff him up. There’s lots of commotion about me arresting him.

I look out the window and notice that the boat is moving out to sea with me on it!! I very loudly order the boat be docked immediately. The captain gives me a hard time and wont dock the boat. So I call 911 to avoid being taken out to sea with these people. As soon as I dial 911 the captain docks the boat. We get off the boat and are met by numerous deputies.

Sometimes you have to be prepared to make very quick decisions. That’s what separates the good bountyhunters from the bad ones.


Im Gonna Crawl


It’s captures like this one that bring the dangers of bounty hunting to a reality. This guy was previously convicted on kidnapping with assault, armed robbery, escape and burglary. He served approx. 8 years for those crimes. He then allegedly commits the same type of offenses and is bailed out. To everyones amazement he skipped court.

So I get a call asking me to breach the house some agents had located him in. I arrive and find out some others are inside with the fugitive. Not knowing backrounds of people inside can prove to be dangerous. More on that later. So I call local authorities and knock on the door. No one answers of course and a STRONG smell of marijuana is coming from the apt. So I decide to check windows. I find one that is unlocked. I open the window and began ripping the blinds out with my baton. While I’m doing that I spot a female come from the bedroom with her hands up. I instruct her to open the front door.

When we all get inside we start clearing the house. While inside the bedroom, me and 2 deputies search closets. No fugitive. We’re standing there and we notice the bed move by itself!! We quickly flip the bed and there he is in all his glory. He’s taken into custody without a fight.

When the third occupant of the apartment is checked out , he turns out to have attempted murder charges pending!! It’s things like that you cannot predict and make this very dangerous. All occupants are arrested and various drugs are found in the apt. The fugitive is still in county awaiting trial. Total bond recovered was $37,500.


Bring it on Home

I had to travel a few hours for this capture. She skipped her court date and moved from Clearwater to Pensacola which is a few hours away. So I drive up there and set up across from her supposed address. I managed to find out her boyfriend was on felony probation and they had his address on file. About 3 hours into the stakeout I spot her, a friend and about 5 small kids walking down the street. I had no choice but to take her down in front of her small children.

The situations parents put their children in sometimes..its disgusting. So she’s arrested and I walk the children back to the house and hand them over to the father. The fugitive is then transported back to Pinellas County Jail and later recieved a prison sentence. Total bond recovered was $15,750.



How Many More Times


I’ll wrap all 3 arrests up in one story. The first arrest wasn’t much to tell. The second time she skipped court on me I tracked her to a shady hotel in Clearwater. I decided to call the local police due to the neighborhood conditions.

So as the police and I walk up we spot a lighter flickering in her truck. One of the officers walks up to the door, opens it and she’s in there with a crack pipe in her mouth. She’s arrested and hauled away.

The third time I bail her out she skips again of course.  I had enough of her at this point. Besides being able to track fugitives sometimes you have to be a good liar. I managed to convince her to come to the courthouse and reschedule her court date. She fell hook, line and sinker. I arrested her and took her back to jail.

That was the last time I bonded her out. Sometimes you just have to wash your hands clean of people. She was getting to be too high risk. Total bond recovered over all three arrests was $53,000.


Thank You

This was one of my more entertaining captures. He skipped out and was ready to go to New York City. I located him in a hotel and knocked. His girlfriend let me in and the fugitive was laying in bed. He said he was having back problems and didnt want me to rip him out of bed.

So I gave him the chance to get up and put some clothes on. Next thing i know he threw the covers off and tried to run out the door…NAKED!!!! Yeah, not fun…

I had to tackle him and cuff him up.Total bond recovered was $5,000.