Bail Agents Plead guilt in jail scheme


SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA – A 43-year-old bail bond agent was sentenced to nine months in jail and will have her license revoked after pleading guilty Thursday to illegally soliciting jailed clients in a scheme that involved seven co-defendants – six of them inmates, authorities said.

Cynthia Cheryl Shirey, who pleaded guilty to four felony violations of bail license regulations, worked at Plotkin Bail Bonds with one of the co-defendants, Ernesto Perez, 37, of Burbank, to carry out what authorities have described as one of the biggest such cases in Orange County.

Shirey allowed her unlicensed co-defendants to illegally solicit and negotiate bail bonds on her behalf with inmates at the Orange County Jail, according to a news release from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Shirey, of Brea, also conducted business under the name Bail Star Bail Bonds without receiving authorization to use the business name by the California Department of Insurance, which licenses bail bond agents.

Perez is out of custody on $150,000 bail and is scheduled for a pretrial hearing June 25. He has been charged with 49 felony counts of negotiating bail without a license and 56 felony counts of identity theft.

According to prosecutors, Perez plotted with six inmates between Aug. 5, 2010, and March 15, 2011, to solicit other in-custody inmates to contact him to provide their bail. Although he worked at Plotkin Bail Bonds, Perez was not a licensed bail bondsman, according to the news release.

Perez is accused of using a stolen bail bondman license to access inmate information and of posting money to the jail accounts of the six inmate co-defendants in exchange for the illegal solicitation of clients.

The District Attorney’s Office provided the following information about the six inmate co-defendants – all of whom have been convicted in the scheme:

•Richard Anthony Arant, 29, Silverado Canyon, pleaded guilty Nov. 18, 2011, to five felony counts of soliciting bail without a license and two felony counts of violation of bail license regulations. He was sentenced to 16 months in jail. Arant was in custody for misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol and driving on a suspended license.

•Jason Anthony Gatewood, 24, Fullerton, pleaded guilty Jan. 3, 2012, two felony counts of violation of bail license regulations and four felony counts of soliciting bail without a license. He was sentenced to 240 days in jail and three years of formal probation. At the time of the crime, Gatewood was in custody for felony false imprisonment by violence.

•Vaughn Michael Hutchins, 27, San Clemente, pleaded guilty to a court offer July 8, 2011, to four felony counts of soliciting bail without a license and two felony counts of violation of bail license regulations. He was sentenced to one year in jail and three years of formal probation. At the time of the crime, Hutchins was in custody for two felony counts of commercial burglary and misdemeanor providing false information to a police officer.

•Jonathan Thomas Campos, 28, Long Beach, pleaded guilty April 29, 2011, to two felony counts of violation of bail license regulations and two felony counts of soliciting bail without a license. He was sentenced June 24, 2011, to two years in state prison for this case. He was sentenced to an additional two years, totaling four years in prison, for two other criminal cases for which he was incarcerated at the time of the bail bonds scheme


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Some good Bounty Hunter’s

These guy’s here definetly know what they’re doing. They proceeded with alot of caution and gave the fugitive plenty of time to surrender. They knew who his father was and the possible law suits that could come if this arrest is not handled properly. Me personally, having been involved in hundreds of law suits, I would of had local police stand by. If this guy decided to sue you and you did ANYTHING WRONG at all, you would of been “screwed”. I have arrested family of police officer’s and in one case I arrested a police officer who had skipped court. If you find yourself in these situations handle yourself very professionally and think before you do anything.


Giving us Bounty Hunter’s a bad name

These guys here are the idiot’s that give us good bounty hunter’s a bad name. This whole situation was so easily avoidable it’s not even funny. First off, when you arrest someone at a hotel, ALWAYS go to the front desk and get the key. I have never once in 10 years had a problem getting a key to a room. Secondly for god’s sake have picture’s and know any identifying tattoo’s or scar’s on your fugitive. Thirdly, when the subject in the room say’s he’s not your guy, ask for his ID. If he doesn’t have any call the police. These guy’s are the bounty hunter’s I hate most. Just a bunch of young punks who watch too much tv and obviously do not have much experience.


A quick lesson is disarming your fugitive

I thought this was a good, quick video to help out the less experienced bounty hunters. BHFH will be posting it’s own self defense video’s soon but for now I wanted to throw out some relevant video’s. This move is simple and very effective. It should be noted though , that you need to practice and have this technique down solid before you try it. I have encountered every weapon over the year’s while trying to apprehend fugitive’s. The knife for me is actually the scariest. No matter how good you are,you will always get cut. This isn’t the movies where Steven Seagal just walks up and disarms 3 people no problem. I personally have 2 black belts and I can promise you’ll get cut 9 times out of 10. The severity depends on your training.

Note* My advice in knife situations is to grab a chair or object and hit the fugitive or create a few feet of space, then step back and deploy your tazer. Only grab the knife hand if it’s your ONLY option.


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