Fugitive who speaks no English

Hello again ya’ll!!  I was hired by a bail company who needed a bond revoked on a Mexican guy. They had him on bond for $14,000 for an alleged Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The police affidavit’s stated that he chased his wife and child through a parking lot with a butcher knife!!  Yikes!!!!   Anyone who chases a young child with a butcher knife is a very violent and dangerous person.   I also noticed in the police report that the deputies said that when arrested the defendant said he spoke no English. The deputy also stated that on previous contacts with defendant that he spoke clear English.  Haha. That’s a common trick they try and use.

I go out to the apartment and scope everything out. I locate the target apartment and head up and knock on the door.  I notice no peep hole so he won’t see me standing out there. Then I hear the lock click and the door opens, it’s my guy.  I identify myself and tell him he’s under arrest. I go to grab him by the arm and he pulls away quickly.  I’m not going to mess around with this guy based on how dangerous he is.  I grab him by the back of the neck and slam him into the wall!!  He keeps fighting and we wrestle to the ground.  I manage to get the cuffs on him somehow. They may be on twisted and turned but they are on!!

I get him up and he tries to kick me. I grab him by the front of the throat and slam him hard into the wall again and begin screaming at him.   That’s when he starts with the no English crap.  Too bad that this trick pretty much no longer works given the technology now.   My phone has a translator on it. I just speak in to it and press Spanish and bam!!!  I’m speaking Spanish!!   I have also used it to speak Czech one time. Very cool.  Anyways, by the time I got the defendant to the jail his hands were pretty messed up. Cuffs were on tight and he had a few cuts. But that’s what you get when you fight. I’m not going to accomadate you and fix your cuffs after that, it’s straight to jail my friend!!

As of today I was hired for 2 more bond skip cases and one bond revocation. So stay tuned for yet more arrests blogs..  thank you and please comment on them. Good or bad, i love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wow, been so busy the past couple days. Arrested 5 people in 6 days. I’ll post them one by one. Also I do try and twitter live from the arrests when I’m doing them if you’d like to tune in.   So the updates on the 2 people I tricked into coming in.  They both came in at the exact same time because one was late and the other early. Lol.  Happens like that sometimes.

The first guy walks in and I have him sit down and begin filling his paperwork out. I wait for the other agents to lock the door incase he fights.   I tell him I’m taking him back to jail and to turn around. He starts yelling and I grab him and push him up against the wall and tell him to relax. He’s a big boy but goes along with the program.  Once I get him cuffed I call his momma for him and she ends up putting collateral up and I’m able to release him.  I love when that happens. My bond is now backed up by cash and I keep the client happy.

The girl fugitive walks in and she sits down looking very paranoid at what’s going on.  I tell her she’s also under arrest and she complies and I arrest her. Her arms are full of needle track marks and I really don’t want to touch her. Make sure you always have your gloves handy!!  She cries and cries but I take her back to jail. She’s too much of a train wreck for me to have on bond.

It’s nice when you can talk some of your fugitives into coming in.  It saves you tons of time and lot’s of money.  Save your time for the real pains in the asses!!  I will post the capture  tomorrow of the Mexican guy I arrested who I had to choke for a little before he gave up!!

Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!


Lies……….ALL LIES!!

Been super busy. I have 2 fugitives set to come into my office tomorrow under the pretences that I will turn them in and bail them right back out. In my area, it’s called a “walk-thru”. You turn yourself in to a bondsman and they surrender you and post your bond at the same time. Your out in a hour.

Depending on the situation and bond, you can sometimes lie to them and tell them to come on in and do a walk thru and they will buy it. If they just ignore your calls you have to come get them but sometimes they will change their mind and want to take care of it. Just remember it’s a business first and friends second. They may get mad at you for lying but who cares. If they hadn’t missed court , they’d still be on bond.

So I’ll keep you updated on twitter live from the office. I have them set to come in at 9am and 10am. We’ll see………………….

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