Running into a Fugitive Unexpectedly, Chasing him down Barefoot, Falling into Cacti, and Surrounded by the Fugitive’s Friends


One day on my way to martial arts practice I decided to drive through some back streets to look for a guy that skipped out on $104,000 bond. I knew the neighborhood he was hanging out in. So as I was driving through I see him standing in a drive way with a few people. I pull up.. (I was in sandals and shorts with no handcuffs as I was on my way to martial arts)

I tell him he’s under arrest and attempt to take him to my car. He then swings at me and runs down the road. I duck and chase him in bare feet and catch him as he’s running through a yard. I tackle him and we both fall in a group of cacti. I then proceed to wrap him up and call the police.

In the meantime, his friends come over and start surrounding me. They ball up their fists and tell me to let him go. Im not letting go of $104,000. The police get there FAST and he’s arrested. Later on, the medics had to pick a mess of cactus needles out of my right side from shoulder to ankle. It burned for days..

In this case I had no weapons, no cuffs, no backup immediately available until I called for them, and no SHOES. I managed to keep a cool head and it worked out well.


Extraditing a Fugitive who shot someone from a Family Reunion in Texas


This guy here while out on a $10,000 bond shot someone twice in the back, twice in the head and once in the arm. The victim managed to somehow survive. SWAT had raided his home 3 times and detectives could not locate him.

I managed to pull some sources and discovered there was a family reunion going down in Irving, Texas. So with the help of local authorities the suspect was arrested at the family reunion with a name tag on and all!!

He was extradited to Florida and later convicted of attempted 1st degree murder and sentenced to a mandatory 20 years.


Apprehension an Extremely Drunk Fugitive and the Airplane Ride From Hell

Well I’m finally back from my day of hell.  I recieved notice at 2 p.m. that I would be flying out to Kansas City, MO at 6 p.m.  So I finally get to freezin ass cold Missouri and find my way to the hotel where the fugitive supposedly was staying.  About 2:30 a.m., I called local police to assist.


While we were all standing in the lobby, a taxi pulls up outside and the fugitive steps out.  He was quickly arrested and EXTREMELY DRUNK!  He argued and cussed at the police to the point where he was almost arrested by them.

Somehow I ended up getting us to the airport and check in with airport police.  The fugitive then lit a cigarette INSIDE the terminals and was quickly slammed against the wall by police.  He was then arrested by airport police.  I pleaded my case and they released him to me and boarded us on the plane.  The idiot made numerous outbursts on the plane and just about got choked out!!

Finally the plane landed in Tampa and he was taken to the Citrus County jail and booked.  Total bond recoverd was $10,000.