Im Gonna Crawl


It’s captures like this one that bring the dangers of bounty hunting to a reality. This guy was previously convicted on kidnapping with assault, armed robbery, escape and burglary. He served approx. 8 years for those crimes. He then allegedly commits the same type of offenses and is bailed out. To everyones amazement he skipped court.

So I get a call asking me to breach the house some agents had located him in. I arrive and find out some others are inside with the fugitive. Not knowing backrounds of people inside can prove to be dangerous. More on that later. So I call local authorities and knock on the door. No one answers of course and a STRONG smell of marijuana is coming from the apt. So I decide to check windows. I find one that is unlocked. I open the window and began ripping the blinds out with my baton. While I’m doing that I spot a female come from the bedroom with her hands up. I instruct her to open the front door.

When we all get inside we start clearing the house. While inside the bedroom, me and 2 deputies search closets. No fugitive. We’re standing there and we notice the bed move by itself!! We quickly flip the bed and there he is in all his glory. He’s taken into custody without a fight.

When the third occupant of the apartment is checked out , he turns out to have attempted murder charges pending!! It’s things like that you cannot predict and make this very dangerous. All occupants are arrested and various drugs are found in the apt. The fugitive is still in county awaiting trial. Total bond recovered was $37,500.


Bring it on Home

I had to travel a few hours for this capture. She skipped her court date and moved from Clearwater to Pensacola which is a few hours away. So I drive up there and set up across from her supposed address. I managed to find out her boyfriend was on felony probation and they had his address on file. About 3 hours into the stakeout I spot her, a friend and about 5 small kids walking down the street. I had no choice but to take her down in front of her small children.

The situations parents put their children in sometimes..its disgusting. So she’s arrested and I walk the children back to the house and hand them over to the father. The fugitive is then transported back to Pinellas County Jail and later recieved a prison sentence. Total bond recovered was $15,750.



How Many More Times


I’ll wrap all 3 arrests up in one story. The first arrest wasn’t much to tell. The second time she skipped court on me I tracked her to a shady hotel in Clearwater. I decided to call the local police due to the neighborhood conditions.

So as the police and I walk up we spot a lighter flickering in her truck. One of the officers walks up to the door, opens it and she’s in there with a crack pipe in her mouth. She’s arrested and hauled away.

The third time I bail her out she skips again of course.  I had enough of her at this point. Besides being able to track fugitives sometimes you have to be a good liar. I managed to convince her to come to the courthouse and reschedule her court date. She fell hook, line and sinker. I arrested her and took her back to jail.

That was the last time I bonded her out. Sometimes you just have to wash your hands clean of people. She was getting to be too high risk. Total bond recovered over all three arrests was $53,000.


Thank You

This was one of my more entertaining captures. He skipped out and was ready to go to New York City. I located him in a hotel and knocked. His girlfriend let me in and the fugitive was laying in bed. He said he was having back problems and didnt want me to rip him out of bed.

So I gave him the chance to get up and put some clothes on. Next thing i know he threw the covers off and tried to run out the door…NAKED!!!! Yeah, not fun…

I had to tackle him and cuff him up.Total bond recovered was $5,000.



Ten Years Gone

This kid I can somewhat sympathize with. According to the police reports, he allegedly shot someone and commited an attempted robbery. He made a plea deal to do 10 years, then skipped his sentencing date. One thing I can always understand is being scared of prison. I can respect that answer.. It’s the “I didnt know about my court date” excuse that I hate the most.


Anyways, I worked alot with detectives to get some leads on him. Through some tips I narrowed down his location to a group of apartments. I set up and watched them for a few hours. Suddenly I saw the defendent step outside. I ran around the corner and into a group of about 7 guys. Screaming and yelling managed to stun everyone and the fugitive was quickly cuffed and taken away.

I stopped and gave him a last meal and cigarrette. While he was in the county jail awaiting to go to prison he would recommend other inmates to use my services for a bailbond. Total bond recovered was $50,000.


House owner insists fugitive is not inside. I proceed to smash her door down with a sledgehammer and find the fugitive hiding in a closet.

daymon.jpgThis is the sequel to “Not a Wise Decision to Run”.

Again, I recieved a tip from the C.I. that helped me before. So my partner and I surrounded the house. Some occupants came out and claimed he was not in there. I told them the police are on their way and WHEN we go inside and arrest him everyone at the house is going to jail also. The occupants QUICKLY jumped in a car and drove away… lol.

The owner of the house called me and insisted I not break her door down to get inside. She claimed the fugitive was not inside. I put her on speakerphone as I took a sledgehammer to her front door. The frame and all was busted off after that.

After a search of the house the suspect was found hiding in the closet just like his brother. Total bond recovered was $17,000.


Dazed and Confused – While Knocking on this Fugitive’s Door, it swings open, 10-15 people are playing poker and smoking blunts, everyone runs and jumps out the windows.


Ok.. Basically I recieved a tip from a C.I. as to where the fugitive was. I rounded up four deputies and we walked up to the apartment. I went to knock and they didnt have the door shut the whole way. So when I hit the door it swung open and there, in a pot smoke filled room was about 10-15 guys playing poker and smoking blunts. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE ran or jumped out a window.

My fugitive was unable to run out the door and went and barricaded himself in a closet. He quickly surrendered. In the meantime, the entire neighborhood started to riot. Bricks and rocks began being thrown at the police cruisers. We quickly loaded up the fugitive and took off. Total bond recovered was $25,000.

A few weeks later his brother was also apprehend by me (see story “open the door please“)


Grave Robbing and Grand Theft Suspect Flees Court Through Bathroom Window. I Found Him, Chased Him, and the Police Dogs Ate Him.


Now for one of my more bizarre ones. This guy was wanted on charges of grave robbing and grand theft. He actually showed up at court and found out he was going to be arrested for another charge. He decided to go to the bathroom then excuse himself from the courthouse all together!!

I really had to pull some teeth to get any kind of lead. Finally someone gave me a license plate number to someone he was riding around with. I ran the plate and set up at the owner’s address. I called local police and we approached the house. I knocked on the sliding glass door and the suspect looked out then ran and jumped out a side window.

We all watched him get a good 50-75 yards ahead of us. Unfortunetly for the suspect we had a K-9 with us. The dog eventually caught the suspect and began eating. The suspect recieved approx. 40 stitches from the bite. Total bond recovered was $10,000.


Former Police Officer Shoots Through Someone’s Home, Apprehended While Working at a Lingerie Modeling Store


I couldnt even make up this story if I tried. This fugitive was a former police officer who allegedly shot into a mobile home of someone who allegedly ripped her off. After the second night of having 6 bullets come into her mobile home, the owner set up a camera. The suspect was captured on video the third time she went out there.

She’s facing 6 counts of attempted 2nd degree murder. She was working at a lingerie modeling shop after she bonded out of jail.  Her now ex-husband wanted her bond revoked as he feared for his and his familys’ life. He seemed convinced she was going to hire someone to do something to members of his family.

So I snuck in through the backdoor of the shady lingerie modeling store and attempted to arrest her. She had a pair of scissors in her hand and didnt put them down till I threatened to Tazer her. She then put the scissors down and was arrested.

She later bonded out through someone else and is currently a fugitve from justice. I strongly believe she’s in Mexico. Fortunetly she’s not my problem anymore. Total bond recovered was $115,000.


Night Flight – A Fugitive Jumps from a 2nd Story Window, Swims with Alligators, I Let Him Go and Captured Him 2 Days Later


Well this one was harder to locate then most. Him and his girlfriend were hopping hotels and there are hundreds of hotels in this area. I passed out photos to tons of hotels and told them to check him in then call me. One of the clerks did just that.

I went to the hotel room and knocked.. He answered and I told him he was under arrest. He then started to fight and managed to get away for a second. He then ran straight towards the window and dove head first from 3 stories up. I quickly ran down the stairs and right before I could grab him he dove into a lake and swam away.

I didnt feel like swimming with gators that night so I let him go. Two days later I caught up with the fugitive and arrested him. He had suffered a broken ankle in the fall. Total bond recovered was $45,000.