Superbowl Sunday – Super Deals on Fugitive Recovery Training

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Fugitives Rarely Leave Behind Their Prescription Medications

I’m back once again to post some captures. I also recently appeared on the Oxygen Channel on the show Snapped over a fugitive I captured. I will post the interview sometime soon. I also will be posting the reality show I recently appeared in too. The latest capture involved a $50,000 bondskip.

I receive a call from a bonding company wanting me to apprehend their bondskip. They said the defendant was well aware of his court date and just skipped it earlier in the day. With such a large bond, most companies will not wait to go find them. The guys priors include a 4 year prison sentence for Trafficking in Cocaine to Robbery. He’s also a large fella at 275 lbs. His warrants are now for Failure To Appear on Sale of Oxycodones.

I go to the address he lists on his paperwork. I notice his van sitting out front so I call the local police to assist. After running his backround, I now have 4 deputies and a K9. Im not really worried about this guy out running me but it’s nice to have the dog out there.

I approach the front door while the deputies surround the house. I notice the door is unlocked and I walk in. I’d like to catch him by suprise. As I walk in the front porch area , I notice a large bag of what appears to be cocaine. I notice someone standing inside so I open the door and it turns out to be a very suprised landlord. He’s also looking for my defendant.

Noticing all the defendants clothes and prescription medications are still there, I decide to set up surveillance across the street. Fugitives will not leave behind their prescriptions. Being in a bad neighborhood , I am quite popular as everyone walks by to see what I’m doing. I really don’t care if they think I’m the police because I don’t plan on being there for long.

About 20 mins go by and a truck pulls up to the house. I notice a very large figure get out of the passengers side. I grab my binoculars and positively ID my fugitive!! With the police already gone, I’m on my own on this one.

I pull up and park a little closer and decide to run up on the house instead of drive. I quickly bust through the first door and encounter the target on the porch. With the tazer already out I order him on the ground. He is ignoring my orders. I tell him this is his last warning and to get on the ground. He realizes I’m serious and decides to get down. The defendant is cuffed and returned to jail. Total bond recovered is $50,000!! Nice one!!



Sorry for no updates lately. So busy and so many bondskips in other states. Two of my fugitives are currently their states Most Wanted Fugitives right now and we’re all over the news the other night. Good thing is the U.S. Marshalls are all over them. Helps when you and the police are searching, they usually get caught quickly.

Also to fellow bountyhunters and bail bondsman, remember tomorrow is the best day to catch your fugitives. I have a bondsman friend who once captured 9 people on Christmas Day. Most Impressive. Everyone goes to see their family for Christmas, even wanted felons. They don’t always go see their Mom or Dad but they always see A family member. Up to you to narrow down who that might be. Grandmoms are popular.

So I will post some good captures here in a little bit and till then, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Hunting the Elderly

Took a few days off to relax after my latest capture. Back at it, still have plenty of fugitives to go and find. I was handed a file on a 74 year old lady that apparently missed her court date. It was a large bond at $30,000.

I go down to her condo complex and find her condo. It’s pitch black inside and it appears as if she’s not home. So I knock on the neighbors door and speak with them. They really have nothing nice to say at all! The say she has a huge drinking problem and that she is probably inside passed out. She has no car and an alleged drinking problem , I’m guessing that’s why she missed court. I decide that there’s a high percentage chance she is inside. I call the police to assist incase she is intoxicated, they can transport her for me.

The local police come and meet up with me. I begin to knock on the door and no answer. I pound louder and louder and still nothing. Just then the manager of the complex comes up and tell’s me he has the key to the condo. I take it and unlock the door and enter.

When I walk in I look at her kitchen and there is literally nothing but empty brown paper bags from all the alcohol she’s been buying. That’s what the liquor stores around here bag your bottles in. Her ENTIRE kitchen counter and floor is covered in bags. I’m guessing 50-75 bags or so. I then proceed to the living room and look at her enclose patio and I can’t even walk out there because there are hundreds of empty beer bottles on the floor. This place is a disaster.

I proceed into the bedroom and turn the light on and find the defendant laying on the bed with her eyes and mouth open. I call her name and she’s not moving. It appear’s that she has passed away. I call the police in and they call her name and move her. Just then she wakes up!! She was asleep with her eyes open! Definetly thought she had passed on. We escort her outside, without handcuffs and the police transport her for me. Total bond recovered was $30,000.


Found a Hooker!!

Well it’s over. One of my top 5 toughest hunts ever has come to an end today. My relentless hunting finally paid off. I had literally been to 25 motels and talked to 30 or so people. I was looking for any sighting of her. I had finally found a guy she pissed off and he told me the last intersection he had dropped her off at and which alley she walked down. So I started there 2 days ago.

I drove around all day today and talked to everyone I could find outside. Finally I notice an elderly lady sitting outside. Elderly people sit outside alot and will know everyone who walks by. I show her a picture and she says ” that girl was just here 2 hours ago, she walked up the road to the store”. Awesome, something real solid.

I begin to drive around the store and as I turn around, I look down a road and about half way down see two people that look like my fugitive and her boyfriend. I drive past and about 50 yards away I notice two sheriffs deputies hangin out in a parking lot. I pull into them and tell them whats goin on and that I think my girl is walking to the store now. The deputy gives me his cell # and to call him if it’s her. I find alot of officers will give you their work cell number’s. It’s WAY more convienent that calling 911 or calling the sheriffs office non-emergency number.

So I pull into the store and I notice my fugitive’s boyfriend standing outside. She’s nowhere in sight. I figure she’s inside buying something. I call the officer and tell him they are here.

I go inside and ask the clerk where the girl is that walked in here. He says in an Indian store clerk voice ” She’s in the bathroom”. I stand in the isle facing the bathroom and pull my tazer and wait. Finally after weeks of hunting, Im face to face with my fugitive!! I scream and yell for her to get down and she does without incident. She’s cuffed and booked in on a no bond. She was to turn herself in for 5 year prison sentence but did not. Now the judge will most likely give her the max penalty which is probably much more than 5 years. Usually double or triple. Usually. Total bond recovered was $22,000. I rank her #5 in my top ten all time toughest hunts.


Updates on finding this hooker

Before i start, I have an active twitter now. I keep you posted on my most current hunts. @suretyagent if you want to find me. Thanks. I love your comments so keep them coming.

I’ve been hunting a convicted prostitute for about 4 days straight now. These particular women are by far the hardest to find. New bountyhunters will almost never find them and us seasoned bountyhunters always have a good chase. The problem is they will stay at some guys house and then 2 nights later be at another guys house and so on. They are never in one spot too long.

She has a large bounty on her head so I’ve been looking hard. I will pass on my years and years of experience to the newbees and save you lots of time. The trick is, Don’t even track your fugitive. Track the guys she stays with until you find the one she JUST pissed off. He will tell you right where she is. The kryptonite to the hooker on the lamb is the weirdo guy who just fell in love with her right before she hopped to the next weirdo.

The type of guys who harbor these women tend to get very emotionally attached and when the girl ditches them, they get vengeful. I just got my best lead on my fugitive last night just this way. This guy is VERY pissed off. I know what house she is in. Just waiting to spot her and she’s done. She is out so much I have to lay eyes on her before I go in. No guarantee she will be there in the mornings. I suggest to peak in windows late at night. 1-3am seem to work best. I will post her capture soon. Her bond she skipped on is $20,000. She was to turn herself in for a 5 year sentence. Now she will probably get 15 years.


Hunting the Handicapped

I was enjoying my day off until the bail company came calling again. This lady had moved without notifying them and was bouncing from motel to motel. Her bond is $20,000 for an alleged aggravated battery with deadly weapon.

I grab the picture and file and head out to another LOVELY motel. It has 8 rooms. Nasty, nasty place. So to see if she’s inside, I call the motel and ask for room 4. The clerk tells me that his rooms have no phones!! That’s the place we’re dealing with here.  A true roach motel.

I decide to pull a classic trick that will almost always work. I knock on the door and yell “Maintenance”. For some reason that works all the time. She says hold on and then says come in. I walk in and she’s sitting on the bed. I explain to her what’s going on and cuff her quick. Then I glance over and notice a handicapped walker. I look at the toilet and it’s equipped with bars and other things. Turns out she can’t walk!!!! Little detail the bail company failed to mention. The other problem was , I had left my handcuff key back at their office some 15 miles away.

Now I have some lady who can’t walk and is handcuffed behind the back and that’s when she says ” I have to go to the bathroom”!! OH come on!! I hunt down a lady in the motel and make her help. After the defendant was done, I carry her VERY carefully to the truck. She screams and yells in pain when I put her in. Turns out she had major leg surgery and pins inserted. That’s why she couldn’t walk.

I get her over to the jail and try and get her out and as soon as her leg hit the ground she screamed and cried again. I put her back inside and called for the jail to bring some deputies out to assist me. They came out and basically toss her in a wheel chair and roll her in. She’s booked in and bond recovered is $20,000. On a side note, had I known she couldn’t walk and had all that surgery done, I would NOT have dealt with that. Too much liability. Just a thought for you newer bountyhunters


Facebook helps capture another fugitive

Without facebook this capture may not have happened for a long time. This woman was a VERY tough hunt. The bond company had already paid this bond and still couldn’t locate her. So when I took over it was quite a priority. After the bond company pays the bond, they only have a certain amount of time to recover their money. So 8 weeks go by and still no sign of her. She was moving alot and was all over the state of Florida. BUT they finally slipped up.

I had been monitoring the fugitives’ daughters’ facebook pages for weeks. One day I notice a post by the one daughter that says ” waiting for mom to pick me up and take me to the dentist”. Finally, something good. So I rush over to the daughters’ house and set up surveillance. About 4 hours go by and I see a car coming around the corner. I look and see my fugitive driving!!

I patiently wait for her to pull in and park. She does and I notice only the passenger door opening and the car still running. So I realize she’s just dropping her daughter off. I drive up and box the car in and jump out. I try and rip her out of the car and she begins to fight. I finally get her out and the 2 daughters in the car come and start beating on me. I manage to get the fugitive cuffed and use her as a shield and quickly back up to my truck. I toss the lady in and drive away with her daughters screaming and yelling!! HaHa. Total bond recovered was $29,250.


When to bang heads of the wall

I decided to post this capture to show the more violent side of the business. There’s a point when you have to take things to the next level. When I’m there to take you to jail, there is no negotiating, no talking , nothing but going directly to jail.

So this guy here skips out on $18,000 bond. Fifteen thousand of it was for an alleged aggravated battery on a pregnant female. So I already don’t like this guy. I do a little searching and surveillance and spot the fugitive at his mom’s apt. It was pretty late at night and I decided to wait to the morning, figuring he isn’t going anywhere. My favorite time to serve warrants in between 6-8am. Gives you time to completely surround the house and catch anyone off guard. By the time they wake up and realize what’s going on , it’s way to late.

So I show up at about 730am and his mom is already awake. I let myself in and his mom tells me he’s sleeping and begs me not to hurt him. I tell her I won’t hurt him. I walk into his room and wake him up and tell him I’m his bondsman and he’s under arrest. The fugitive looks at me and says ” Go Fu@k yourself”.

When someone says that, I consider that resisting arrest and proceed from there. So I grab the guy by the arm and rip him out of bed. He’s quite a bit smaller than I am, (as are most people) so I start throwing him around. I knock his head off the wall 3 times and he finally says that he’s had enough. So I throw him down on the floor and cuff him up. Total bond recovered was $18,000.


Crying for Crack

The next post will be a story of a bond revocation. This girl I have bonded many,many times. To new bondsman, keeping your clients should be a MUST. I can’t tell you how much money you make from repeat clients and friends of clients.

The co-signer on this bond called me up and claimed the defendant was back on a crack binge and in one of the sleazy motels in the downtown clearwater area. So I go to the usual hotels the crack addicts,prostitutes and pimps hangout in.

I drive around a bit looking for her and when I pull into one motel, as I turn around a cop comes flying in and stops about 2 inches from my bumper!! The deputy obviously thought I was circling around hookerville for some fun. When I explained who I was looking for the deputy told me which hotel she had just seen my girl at. Alot of times the police are all too familiar with who you’re hunting.

I go down the street to the hotel and meet with the manager and show him the picture. He gives me the room key and most of them will. I always tell them nicely that if they don’t give me the key, I WILL kick the door in. They will want to avoid property damage. I quietly go to the room and unlock it. As I walk in the defendant is sitting on the bed with a crack pipe laying next to her. She already knows who I am and obviously what I’m there to do. She begins to beg and cry not to take her back to jail. I handcuff her and begin to call the co-signer. Next thing I look and my girl is out of her cuffs and jumps on the bed and grabs the crack pipe and tries to hit it. I jump on her and try and pry her fingers off the pipe. She is literally begging me saying “please just one more hit” pleaaasssseee”. I manage to get the pipe out of her grasp and walk it to the dumpster and destroy it. She’s crying the whole time.

The whole ride to the jail she was trying to slip out of the cuffs and kick my window and doors. Eventually she calmed down and was booked into the county jail. Total bond recovered was $5,000.