SW Florida’s Most Wanted Captured

Southwest Florida's most-wanted fugitive arrested - NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

Southwest Florida’s most-wanted fugitive arrested – NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Floridahttp://www.nbc-2.com/story/25517597/southwest-floridas-most-wanted-fugitive-arrestedThe most-wanted man in Southwest Florida arrived at the federal court house in downtown Fort Myers Thursday night.

Reasons why you should hire a private investigator

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a Private Investigator, and here are a few:

• Pre-screen business partners / job applicants
• Conduct background checks or searches
• Safeguard your business, property & assets
• Verify identity and credibility of an individual
• Confirm legitimacy of a potential investment
• Find people responsible for damage or crimes
• Track and recover lost or stolen property
• Verify workers’ comp and insurance claims
• Learn if someone is being deceitful
• Locate somebody who is a missing person

Fugitive recovery work led us down the path to Private Investigation, and as a result, we’ve obtained both personal and agency licenses.  Therefore, we will now be offering Private Investigation Services through another division with our new Private Investigator For Hire  website.


BHFH New Capture Video

Here’s a homemade one for you. This was the 3rd time I had revoked this girls bond. It’s the sequel to the previous “old man revokes stripper’s bond” video (located in BHFH capture videos). I didn’t end up actually revoking her bond once again. The co-signer had changed his mind. Which is fine. I was 100% sure if this girl did skip court that the co-signer would pay the $5,000 bond. Some co-signers you know will never pay you. So I let the decision up to him, that way it keeps him happy and my client happy. Also if he did decide to revoke it, I would not look like the bad guy to our client, the co-signer would. You don’t want a bunch of pissed off inmates talking bad about your business inside the jailhouse. Trust me. Anyways this is a lighter version of arresting someone. She posed no threat and was obviously not going to fight or run or pull a weapon. So enjoy.


BHFH VIDEO: Twin Sister Hooker Arrest Video

About a week ago I posted I was hunting a fugitive with a twin sister. They both had warrants for their arrest. The one I was looking for is an alleged prostitute. So I went out to the bad area’s combing the streets for her. Me and my cameraman pull up to a not so alleged hooker and show her a picture of my fugitive. She say’s “Oh that’s Brittany, I just saw her walk up the street 10 mins ago”. The girl gave me a detailed description of what she’s wearing. Almost as if she wanted her competiton off the streets. So the camerman and I begin cruising all the side streets looking for her with no luck. We decide to park and walk around. As were standing there talking, my camerman says there’s a girl matching the description standing behind a tree about 30 yds from us. The video picks up from here so enjoy

A quick backround on the girl. Her previous co signer had revoked her bond out of spite a few weeks prior to this video. I felt bad for her and decided to let her go and of course she promised she’d go to court. I tried to be a nice guy and give her a chance and she still skipped. As I walked up and asked for her name she of course said “Ashley” which is her twin sister. However my fugitive has her name tattooed across her right wrist. Also I used leg shackles to cuff her because last time she had a spider bite so bad her arm was swelled about 10 times it’s size. I could not get cuff’s on her last time.


Bounty Hunter / Fugitive Recovery & Bail Agent Advertising

To the LICENSED Bounty Hunter’s out there. If you go to our forum located on the main page you will see a Bail Bond Network with listings of Bonding Companies throughout the country. We are in the process of adding Bounty Hunter listings too. If you would like to list your contact info for FREE contact us. We do need to verify your licensed so you will have a day or two wait before the listing posts. These are going to be limited because we don’t want to list dozen’s of bounty hunter’s per state. We are limiting to about 3 per state. So jump on it because we are filling up.


Nationwide Fugitive Recovery Network

You’ll notice we have updated and expanded our Nationwide Fugitive Recovery Network. You can check it out in the forum located on the main page. There are lots of other Recovery Networks on the internet but I can assure you our’s is the most up to date one out there and in many cases we personally know the bonding companies listed. You’ll find some Fugitive Recovery Networks that are posted by people who are not even Bail Agents. I would advise staying away from those. I would not trust any information posted by anyone outside the business. They usually have lots of outdated and just plain incorrect information.

Here at BHFH we have over a decade of Fugitive Recovery Experience. We have done many television and radio programs and personally captured fugitives who have appeared on America’s Most Wanted. We are also fully licensed and insured. So if you need a bondsman in whatever state you reside in, please feel free to browse our Nationwide Fugitive Recovery Network. It’s the ONLY up to date Fugitive Recovery Network on the Internet and published by one of the nation’s leading Bail Bondsman.


About BHFH capture videos

You will notice in our video’s that some of them are very calm with no or little confrontation. Which is a far cry from what you see on television. As a bail agent you will have to remember these people you are arresting are your clients. Over the years I have bonded the same people out time and time again. Not to mention their friends and so on. That’s how you make a successful business. I have had people skip bond on me and leave the state and I bonded them back out. Now there are time’s where you have to scream and yell and get rough, you just have to know when. Alot of times I will try to get the co-signer off the bond and still keep the client on bond also. The co-signers will also use your servies again too if treated good.

The majority of bail agent’s salary come from commission made on writing bonds, not on capturing people. I can promise you there are NO FULL time bountyhunters who do nothing at all but hunt people. There simply is no money in that and it takes much too long to try. You will mainly work posting bond’s and collecting commissions and apprehending bond jumper’s as they come along.