Early Fresno County Jail releases hurt bail bond businesses

Insurance News – Early Fresno County Jail releases hurt bail bond businesses [The Fresno Bee, Calif.]http://insurancenewsnet.com/article.aspx?id=350352July 15–Early inmate releases from the Fresno County Jail have done more than just frustrate law enforcement officials and put local residents on edge. They have hammered the bail bonds industry.

Bail agents banned at Dakota County jail

Star Tribune 2012-06-18: When John Grant’s parents came to visit him at the Dakota County jail, they were immediately approached by bonding agents asking if they needed help in getting a loved one out by posting bail. The question was not only illegal, but ill-advised: These parents were there not to see an inmate, but to witness Dakota County Sheriff’s Cmdr. John Grant’s promotion to take over operations at the Hastings facility. Last summer’s incident with Grant’s parents was far from an isolated instance of bail bond agents behaving badly. It was part of a long list of questionable and at times illegal actions by agents in Dakota… more »


Bail bondsman alleged to be ‘top dog’ for violent gang charged with attempted murder

Star Tribune 2011-07-07: A longtime Minneapolis bail bondsman alleged to be “top dog” of a ruthless criminal gang dubbed the “Beat Down Posse” has joined his son in jail, accused in charges filed last month of planning to kill a gang member who was suspected of snitching. A warrant issued June 24 charged JosephRobert “Big Joe” Gustafson Sr., 55, with seven felonies, including racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder…more »


West Haven murder-suicide leads to call for bail bond crackdown

HARTFORD – Shortly after his second arrest for domestic violence in four months, Selami Ozdemir was able to post $25,000 bail with no money down through a bondsman, and returned hours later to his West Haven home, where authorities say he shot his wife to death and then killed himself in January 2010.

The killings prompted lawmakers this year to consider legislation that would impose tougher regulations on the bail bond industry. In Virginia, Gov. Bob McDonnell signed off on new rules last month that require arrestees to pay at least 10 percent of their bail to bondsmen before being released.

Judges, police officers, victims and even many bail bondsmen across the country have complained for years about the so-called practice of “undercutting” in which bondsmen charge little or no money down before posting someone?s bail.

Source: http://www.nhregister.com/articles/2011/04/23/news/doc4db308594131c822360599.txt


Bail set for alleged ‘Beat-Down Posse’ founder

Star Tribune 2011-02-26: A judge on Friday set bail at $750,000 for the alleged founder of north Minneapolis’ “Beat-Down Posse,” and the judge ruled that the defendant’s father’s bail bond business could not spring the accused racketeer from jail. Joseph Duane “Little Joe” Gustafson Jr., 36, appeared before Hennepin County District Judge Kerry Meyer wearing an orange jumpsuit with his hair in a braid that hung to the middle of his back. His father, Joseph “Big Joe” Gustafson Sr., sat in the front row with two other supporters. Charges say Beat-Down Posse (BDP) members for years robbed, assaulted and… more »